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Calculator to Estimate Seller Closing Costs in Florida

Calculate Seller Closing Costs & Net Proceeds

Easily calculate the Florida home seller closing costs and seller “net” proceeds with this online worksheet. Enter the property sale (or list) price and then enter various seller closing costs and real estate commission.

If the desired net is too low, and the seller requires a higher net after expenses, simply adjust selling price. After entering the revised selling price, the closing costs will recalculate based on the revised sales price to achieve the desired net to seller.

Seller Closing Cost Responsive

* Documentary stamp tax on Deeds (Seller Expense) (this is not a recording fee). In all Florida counties except Miami-Dade, the tax rate imposed on Deeds (e.g., warranty, special warranty, quit claim, trustee’s deed, life estate deed, and even transfers of property between spouses) are subject to a tax of $0.70 cents on each $100.00 or portion thereof of the total consideration. But in Miami-Dade County the tax rate is $0.60 cents on each $100.00 or portion thereof. Miami-Dade County also has a surtax of $0.45 cents on each $100.00 or portion thereof, however single-family dwellings are exempt from the surtax. For example, a Broward County property that sells for $180,000 would = $1,260.00 in documentary stamp taxes (1,800 is the number of taxable units representing each $100.00 or portion thereof of the consideration of $180,000 multiplied by (x) $0.70 = $1,260.00). See, Fla. Stat. §201.02(1)(a), §201.031

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