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Counting Down the Moving Day to Your New Treasure Coast Home

Whether you’re moving across country or just a few blocks, moving can be stressful. Planning and preparing in advance for the big day can make all the difference in the world. Here’s a helpful checklist to keep on hand during the weeks prior to MOVING DAY!

8 Weeks until the Big Move!

  • Reserve a moving vehicle, either professional or do-it-yourself
  • Draw a floor plan of your new house. This will help you decide what furniture you’ll take with you and what you need to sell or give away.
  • Contact the Chamber of Commerce of your new location and get information about your new hometown.

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6-7 Weeks until the Big Move!

  • Inventory all of your possessions and determine what can be sold and what can be given away.
  • Get copies of your medical, dental and optical records and contact your lawyer, personal banker and stockbroker. Arrange to transfer your children’s school records.
  • Contact your accountant about tax deductible moving expenses-and keep good records!

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4-5 Weeks until the Big Move!

  • If needed, arrange for storage.
  • Change your address with the post office, credit cards, magazines, etc.
  • Clean or repair any furniture, curtains, appliances, holes in walls, etc. that need it.
  • If moving yourself, figure out how many boxes you may need. And don’t forget to figure in those non-boxable items you’ll be moving and how much space they’ll take up. You may need to contact the rental company and adjust the size of moving van you’ll be renting and they may have tips on calculating space.

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3 Weeks until the Big Move!

  • Get moving supplies: Boxes (plan on more than you think you’ll need), furniture pads, dolly, packing tape, bubble wrap (for breakables such as mirrors and vases), labels, crumpled newspaper, scissors, utility knife, markers.
  • Begin packing items you won’t need right away. Be sure to not “over pack” a box so that it’s too heavy to lift or may not stay together.
  • Cancel services and utilities at your current location, and a start date at your new location. Services could include newspapers, home security, garbage collection, cable TV, lawn or snow removal, cleaning services. Utilities you’ll need to contact include local and long distance telephone, electrical, gas/fuel oil, and water/sewer.

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2 Weeks until the Big Move!

  • Arrange to transfer all of your bank accounts to a new bank or branch location. This includes canceling any direct deposits or automatic withdrawals. Also close local charge accounts if moving to a new city. Move your money before you have to move.
  • Make special arrangements to move your pets and notify your veterinarian.

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Your Moving Week!

  • Transfer all medical prescriptions to a pharmacy in your new town.
  • If needed, arrange for a babysitter.
  • Return borrowed or rented items, such as library books and videotapes.
  • Clean your current home and don’t forget the oven and defrosting your freezer.
  • If using a professional mover, they’ll pack your items for you. If moving yourself, finish packing.
  • Set aside valuables, important papers, etc. for you to take with you so you can find them quickly. Don’t put them in a box, especially those you may need for your closing.
  • Pack a small bag with toiletries, medications, and a few days of clothing.

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Your Moving Day!

  • Hopefully you have pre-signed your closing papers so you don’t have to attend one-if not two-closings.
  • If moving yourself, pick up the truck early.
  • Number and make a list of every box and its contents so you can find things easily.
  • Check your old house to make sure you’ve turned off water and no leave-behind appliances are running.
  • Inspect basement, attic and garage. Lock windows and doors.
  • Pack a “handy items box” for your first night and day in your new home. It should include: scissors, utility knife, cups, paper plates and towels, toilet paper, snacks and portable beverages, soap, pens and paper, local phone book, tape, bath towels, trash bags, toiletries, sponge and shelf liner.

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