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Pack like a Professional Before Moving

Making All The Right Moves In Packing

When you’re packing for a move, you might want to ask yourself if you should pack it yourself or hire a professional to do if for you.

In many of our moves, most of us never use professionals to pack our things. Others swear by packing professionals, claiming they’re worth every penny. But if you feel more comfortable packing yourself or you just don’t see any value of someone else packing your things, then use these tips below directly from the moving professionals to make sure your stuff arrives at your new home without cracks, scrapes or permanent damage.

What Should Be Packed?

It’s best to pack one room at a time. Have a compete list of the contents in each room and mark each box carefully so you know where things are. Heavier items go in the bottom, lighter things on top.

If you have specialty items or items that are worth a lot of money, it might be worth it to hire professionals to pack them properly. Chandeliers, large glass pieces (sculptures, over-sized mirrors and glass top tables), and some fine antique furnishings that may just need to be properly padded. Major appliances also require special care.

Packing Supplies

  • All About Boxes
    A frequent question asked is, whether to buy new boxes or to ask the local grocer for some, both of which have their pros and cons. Do what is best for your things and for your budget. You can collect used boxes from your work or even local stores to help pack a majority of your things from the entire house (except for specialty items such as a large mirror). Not only can this save in your moving budget, but you also may feel better and a lit bit greener reusing boxes for your packing.
  • Other Packing Necessities
    To protect your valuables, you should make sure to use packing material to keep them tight and not loose. For instance, use shredded paper, bubble wrap, or even newspapers to fill boxes, to cushion delicate items and to keep things from moving around during transport.

Make Sure to Label Boxes

  • Detailed Labeling
    Proper labeling of your boxes will save you a lot of time at the new house. Most professional packing services recommend you create a full list of everything that’s been packed in the box, adding as many details as possible. Label your name, the room it is too be unpacked in such as the kitchen or living room, and the contents especially since you may have included several kinds of items. The best advice is to try to think of how you’ll be unpacking, what’s important to you and how you can best ease the unpacking on the other end.
  • Fragile, This End Up or Heavy
    These are the most important labels. You should make sure you properly label the box so movers know what to expect and how to handle the box. If the item is fragile, mark it where it can definitely be seen or if it’s a heavy box, then make sure you note that on the outside. This will help protect your goods and the people who are moving them.

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