Palm Beach Gardens Councilwoman Marcie Tinsley was named as mayor Thursday night. Courtesy photo

Palm Beach Gardens Mayor Marcie Tinsley gave her “State of the City” speech Wednesday. Courtesy photo

As Palm Beach Gardens keeps growing, it can be hard to keep track of what’s what.

Mayor Marcie Tinsley highlighted many of the development projects under review and under construction during her “State of the City” address at a PGA Corridor Association breakfast Wednesday morning at the Marriott on RCA Boulevard.

The United Technologies’ Center for Intelligent Buildings, Azure condos, Alton commercial and residential development and Central Gardens assisted living facility are among the projects that have already been approved. The 113 Azure condos on Donald Ross Road equate to more than $100 million in construction costs, Tinsley said.

Then there’s the proposed Avenir development, a combination of homes, medical offices, professional offices and preservation off Northlake Boulevard. Changes to the city’s comprehensive plan to accommodate the 3,250-home development could be up for final approval in May.

In spite of all that, 48 percent of Palm Beach Gardens is conservation, she said. That figure will grow if Avenir is approved because of its preserve area.

Tinsley is in her second term on Council and was chosen by her colleagues last week to serve as mayor.

Tinsley also touched on Palm Beach Gardens projects such as the new golf clubhouse and City Park expansion. She lauded the quality of the police and fire departments, as well as the city’s financial outlook. Palm Beach Gardens has AAA bond ratings from Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s.

Last week, City Council voted against an agreement that would help put a proposed penny sales tax increase on the ballot. Increasing the sales tax to seven cents on the dollar would generate $2.7 billion over 10 years for upgrades to roads, bridges, schools and county buildings. The plan also calls for directing $121 million to cultural projects and $40 million for economic development.

Palm Beach Gardens’ opposition drew the praise of Palm Beach County Commissioner Hal Valeche, who described it as “what I think is going to be a fiasco.” Valeche is also a former city councilman.

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