North Palm Beach Country Club is on U.S. 1 (Photo by Bruce Bennett)

North Palm Beach is planning to replace its clubhouse on U.S. 1. (Photo by Bruce Bennett)

A new North Palm Beach clubhouse and a poolside fitness center could cost between about $22 and $25.8 million, the Village Council learned Thursday night.

Architect Brian Idle, president of Peacock + Lewis, told officials they’re missing out on opportunities to cash in on an unmet demand for banquet space, attract high-end diners and increase golf revenues because of the age and design of the current clubhouse.

The village plans to build a new clubhouse at the golf course and pool at 951 US Highway 1.

Mayor Robert Gebbia said the preliminary plans Idle presented were a good start but emphasized it’s just the beginning. The majority of the councilmen, including Gebbia, said they were surprised by the potential costs.

“It’s a lot more than I expected,” Gebbia said, echoing the initial responses of Vice Mayor David Norris and President Pro Tem Doug Bush.

Norris initially said it looks like a new, bigger version of the current clubhouse but conceded it was more than that after further explanation from Idle.

The vision is that the Country Club improvements will be the stimulus for transforming U.S. 1 and Northlake Boulevard, Idle said.

At the recommendation of Jack Nicklaus, who designed the course, the village decided not to proceed with developing plans for an alternative site along the waterfront. That saved $55,000, he said.

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