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Comparing HOA Fees: Palm Beach Gardens vs. Other Areas in Palm Beach County

palm beach gardens home owner association (hoa) fees

When considering a move to Palm Beach County, HOA fees can play a significant role in your decision-making process. These fees can vary widely from one community to another, influencing not only your monthly budget but also the lifestyle and amenities you enjoy. Palm Beach Gardens, a sought-after area known for its lush landscapes and vibrant communities, often boasts lower HOA fees compared to other parts of Palm Beach County. Let’s explore how these fees compare and what you can expect from various communities within the county.

Understanding HOA Fees

Home Owner’s Association (HOA) fees are regular payments made by homeowners to maintain the community’s common areas and amenities. These fees can cover:

  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • Swimming pools and fitness center
  • Security services
  • Clubhouses and community events
  • Administrative costs and insurance

The amount you pay can vary based on the size of the community, the range of amenities offered, and the overall management efficiency.

Palm Beach Gardens: A Closer Look

Palm Beach Gardens is renowned for its family-friendly atmosphere, excellent schools, and abundant recreational facilities. Several communities within Palm Beach Gardens are noted for their reasonable HOA fees, especially when compared to similar offerings in other areas of Palm Beach County.

Communities with Low HOA Fees

     1. Evergrene

  • HOA Fee Range: Moderate
  • Amenities: 36.5-acre lake, nature trails, clubhouse with fitness center
  • Value Proposition: Offers resort-style living without exorbitant fees


     2. PGA National

  • HOA Fee Range: Reasonable
  • Amenities: World-class golf courses, social activities, pools, tennis courts
  • Value Proposition: Prestigious community with extensive amenities


     3. San Matera

  • HOA Fee Range: Affordable
  • Amenities: Resort-style pool, clubhouse, fitness center
  • Value Proposition: Proximity to shopping, dining, and entertainment

Comparing with Other Areas in Palm Beach County

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is known for its upscale living and often higher HOA fees. Communities like Boca West and The Polo Club offer luxurious amenities but come with a higher price tag.

  • Typical HOA Fee Range: High
  • Common Amenities: Golf courses, spas, fine dining, extensive clubhouses
  • Value Proposition: High-end luxury living, though at a higher cost


Wellington, famous for its equestrian communities, also has varied HOA fees. Some neighborhoods offer extensive equestrian facilities and upscale amenities, which can drive up the fees.

  • Typical HOA Fee Range: Moderate to High
  • Common Amenities: Equestrian centers, large lots, clubhouses
  • Value Proposition: Ideal for equestrian enthusiasts, though potentially pricier

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach offers a mix of older, established communities and newer developments. HOA fees here can vary significantly depending on the neighborhood.

  • Typical HOA Fee Range: Low to High
  • Common Amenities: Pools, clubhouses, basic maintenance
  • Value Proposition: Diverse options, from affordable to luxury living

Why Palm Beach Gardens Stands Out

Palm Beach Gardens strikes a balance between affordability and quality of life. The lower HOA fees in many of its communities do not mean compromising on amenities or lifestyle. Instead, residents often enjoy:

  • Well-maintained landscapes and public spaces
  • Access to excellent recreational facilities
  • Proximity to top-rated schools and shopping areas
  • A strong sense of community and security

In summary, while Palm Beach Gardens offers more options for homes with low HOA fees, these homes tend to be more expensive compared to those in West Palm Beach.

palm beach gardens homes

Low HOA fees in Palm Beach Gardens can be compared to other areas in Palm Beach County by examining the available data from various real estate listings.

Palm Beach Gardens

  • Median Listing Price: $795,000 to $799,000[1][2].
  • Number of Homes with Low HOA Fees: 18 homes currently listed[1].
  • Popular Neighborhoods: PGA National, Evergrene, Ballenisles, Abacoa, and Ibis Golf & Country Club[1][2].

West Palm Beach

  • Median Listing Price: $495,000 to $515,000[6].
  • Number of Homes with Low HOA Fees: 3 to 5 homes currently listed[6].
  • Popular Neighborhoods: Flamingo Park, Ironhorse, El Cid, Steeplechase, Downtown West Palm Beach, Century Village, and Ibis Golf & Country Club[6].


  • Median Listing Prices: Homes with low HOA fees in Palm Beach Gardens are generally more expensive, with median prices around $795,000 to $799,000, compared to West Palm Beach, where the median prices range from $495,000 to $515,000.
  • Availability: Palm Beach Gardens has more homes listed with low HOA fees (18 homes) compared to West Palm Beach (3 to 5 homes).
  • Neighborhoods: Both cities have popular neighborhoods with low HOA fees, but Palm Beach Gardens offers a wider variety of such neighborhoods.

In summary, while Palm Beach Gardens offers more options for homes with low HOA fees, these homes tend to be more expensive compared to those in West Palm Beach.

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When comparing HOA fees across Palm Beach County, Palm Beach Gardens emerges as a standout choice for those seeking a balance of affordability and quality living. While other areas like Boca Raton and Wellington offer luxurious amenities, they come at a higher cost. Palm Beach Gardens provides a variety of communities with reasonable fees, making it an attractive option for families, retirees, and professionals alike. Whether you’re looking for resort-style amenities or a serene, family-friendly environment, Palm Beach Gardens offers a paradise you can afford to call home.

[Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only. Please contact a real estate agent or visit a Juno Beach and Palm Beach Gardens community for the most accurate and up-to-date information about available condo properties for sale, docks for sale or lease, amenities, and community guidelines in Palm Beach Gardens.]

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