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Commercial Real Estate Process

Understanding the Treasure Coast Commercial Real Estate Process

Purchasing or leasing a Treasure Coast of Florida commercial property is a complex and significant financial process, which requires the help of a Stuart commercial, industrial, and investment real estate broker.

While you can take the initial step of conducting your own on-line search on a few dedicated commercial real estate websites in trying to uncover what the Treasure Coast market commands or even viewing Stuart commercial real estate properties, many of these sites only give you access to a limited amount of details of the properties available and industry terms.

The commercial real estate industry is a whole other real estate monster. Because of the sensitivity and common unknowns, its best to get some help from an expert as the commercial real estate search progresses. There are so many ways to lose money on a deal without the right assistance

Whether Leasing, Buying, or Selling Treasure Coast Commercial Real Estate – Our Process Gets It Done Right.

At AmPro Realty, we have refined a basic process that is proven to get you what your business demands and the market has to offer. We do this in a time-frame that meets your needs. We also know that every situation can be different, but this process allows us to meet your needs and save you time and money.

Leasing or Purchasing Commercial Real Estate in the Treasure Coast

  • Set up a meeting to get to know you and your needs, your company and your commercial real estate requirements.
  • Based on your requirements and our knowledge we proceed to completely search the target market for all possible spaces or buildings.
  • Provide you with written information (as available) for each potential location.
  • Provide you with visual tools (as available) including: brochures, pictures, and floor plans.
  • Set up times to walk through the sites you decide you want to see.
  • Set up space plan meetings for the sites you want to pursue.
  • Obtain written proposals for you from those buildings.
  • Work with you to negotiate terms and conditions of a lease or purchase agreement.
  • Use our knowledge of the market to help you obtain the terms and conditions that work for your business.
  • Make sure everything stays on track until the space is built out and you move in.

If leasing this whole process usually takes between 3 and 9 months from the first meeting until you move in. If looking to purchase we’d recommend starting the process 12+ months prior to expected occupancy.

Selling or Leasing Commercial Real Estate in the Treasure Coast

  • Meet with you to see your facility you want to sell or lease, find out the history of the building, and make sure we understand all of the benefits your building has to offer.
  • Thoroughly search the market to find the buildings recently leased or sold and those for lease/sale that can serve as comparables.
  • Use our years of experience and the information we gathered to determine the maximum sale price/rates we expect you can achieve.
  • Put together a thorough marketing plan to get your building in front of the agents and the business owners in the market.
  • Negotiate on your behalf to get you the very best sale price or lease rates.

Knowing the Commercial Market

We are a commercial real estate broker who knows the market well because he or she will likely have information on properties that aren’t yet on the market. Our Stuart real estate specialists have a thorough and working knowledge of the local Stuart market and communities, all while being familiar with the Treasure Coast zoning, planning and other land use regulations specific to that Florida town, city or locale. We will do the investigative work as our experts have the knowledge of the area and good intuition, which will save you time.

We work with a full array of commercial property types including multi-family, hospitality, industrial, office and retail properties, commercial land, and multi-use developments. We assist buyers and sellers with passive and active investment properties. In addition, we bring a wealth of knowledge on on business strategy, construction options, project development, and the commercial lending process.